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On Getting Angry at Work

Hakan Kimeiga Alpay
2 min readJul 25, 2018

Anger induced from interactions at work is stressful.

You’ll have an interaction in which people less intelligent/hardworking/realistic than you are asking you tough questions.

For whatever reason.

You being a reasonable human being answer them directly and honestly. This means if you don’t know something, you admit it.

This doesn’t appease the angry apples.

They want to hear comfortable fluff: “I did research and am preparing a report and am making progress on development and the team is great”.

They don’t want to hear uncomfortable realities in the details.

But when they do, they’ll ask clarifying questions one after another and become continuously displeased.

Some people can’t be comfortable with the truth, even though you can

After digging you into a hole of unreasonable scrutinizing questions, they’ll tell you how this is unacceptable and you’re “not serious” about it, etc.

Annoying right?


So you’ll steam for the rest of the day. You’ll steam at home that night.

You’ll try to forget it by playing games, watching funny videos, working on your passion.

But you remember it after you finish and resume steaming.

You’ll vent to your family.

You know the drill.

People you don’t care about have made your home life very uncomfortable. Meanwhile they’ve got it out of their system and have since forgotten about it.

The next day you’ll steam before work and dread seeing them again.

At work

If you’re lucky, they would have set up a meeting with you to check in or something and they’ll be cooled off there.

You endure some silliness at that meeting but feel better when you exit because you faced your stressors and survived better than last time.

Now you won’t think about it as much and it will be on to the next stressor.

No meeting?

Well you’ll probably feel better once you reach work anyway and start doing your own work.

Your mind will clear and you will focus on their work you have.

When they come up again you’ll be on your guard, but usually they will be in a more conciliatory mood, so it will be more ok then yesterday.

So Hakan how do I eliminate the angry stress at home after a bad encounter?

Well I haven’t figured it out yet. I’ve had the most success with guided meditation. Try it out. If you have another solution, please comment.

Videogames and videos used to work, but not anymore for me ☹

Thanks for reading



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